Creating the Best Wall Coverings

The world of wall coverings is more varied than you might think. For example, often when we think of wallpaper, we think of something simple, perhaps with stripes – or woodchip that seems like such a good idea at the time, until you realise you can’t get it off the wall. However, there is much more than that to wall coverings and, as more and more people take an interest in their interior living space, we are seeing an explosion in the variety that is available.

wall coverings

wall coverings

For example, as well as more ‘traditional’ wall coverings, it is also possible to find some very exciting designs. These include developments such as the ability to buy mural wallpaper – exactly as the name suggests, this is a wall covering that comes printed with a ready-to-hang mural, letting you incorporate different aspects of design and do something a bit more unusual with your room.

There is also an increasingly good range of wallpaper and wall covering designs. For instance, you can find some excellent prints in many different colours, so whether you want to be bold or subtle, you are sure to find something that suits your tastes exactly. If you are an art lover then something else you might like to consider is the excellent range of prints that is now available in the form of wall coverings.

For example, if there is a painting that you absolutely love (such as a museum piece you will never get to own in real life), one interesting option is to buy some wallpaper that comes with the picture printed on to it. It is very easy to find this sort of thing online and then, when it is delivered, all you have to is put it up on your walls. You just need to be careful to hang the wall coverings exactly so that the picture matches up and looks precisely as it should.

Linked to this development is the trend for getting your own pictures printed onto wall coverings. This is a really interesting way of linking aspects of art and photography with interior design and so it is definitely worth looking at. For example, consumers now have the option to upload one of their own pictures to an online service, which will then print the image onto wallpaper and send it out to them to put up themselves. If you have ever dreamed of seeing your own photography writ large, a custom wall covering might be an option to consider.

All of these wall covering developments are all about giving consumers more choice, opening up the market so that people can get exactly what they want. This means it is also about control; once, people were limited in the wall coverings they could buy, whereas now they can pick something that suits their tastes completely and have the final say in exactly what they have. This means that there are now more wall covering options than ever before and it really opens up the potential of interior design for everyone from professionals to home decorators.

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