How to choose custom wallpaper design to print

Wallpaper is a very popular decorative choice for rooms the world over. So how should you go about choosing a good custom printed wallpaper design? Well, it isn’t a massively difficult task but it does require some thought because you’re likely to end up living with it for years to come – and so getting exactly the right choice really does matter. If you are currently in need of some new wallpaper designs, here are a few things for you to consider.

Subtle or bold wallpaper designs

One of the main choices you always need to make when choosing wallpaper designs is whether you want to make a bold statement with your choice or whether it might be a better idea to go for something a bit more subtle. This will largely depend on your own decorative preferences – some people love bold colours and bright patterns on their wallpaper, while others simply prefer something a bit more delicate.

Your choice might also depend on the size of the room you are planning to decorate. This is important because a small room could well become overwhelmed by a bright wallpaper pattern design; the space can be made to feel even smaller, which can sometimes invite a sense of claustrophobia. If this is something you’re worried about but you still want to do something daring with your design, you might like to consider having one ‘statement’ custom wallpaper that is tempered by a softer wallpaper or paint on the other walls.

Photograph, patterned or plain wallpaper

Another consideration you need to make when choosing custom wallpaper printing is whether you want to use plain wallpaper or one that features a pattern. Again, this will largely depend on your own aesthetic tastes. If you want to create a fun or funky room, however, it might be worth considering the different patterns that are available.

These days, you can get hold of wallpaper printed in lots of different images, colours and every pattern imaginable, so you can essentially let your imagination run wild – just don’t forget to give a bit of thought to the rest of your design scheme so you can be certain that any pattern you choose will fit in.

Another option you could consider is designing your own wallpaper. This can be a good choice if you have a particular pattern or picture you’d love to see on the wall but have been unable to find elsewhere. It allows you to be more creative and get exactly what you want through your design scheme.

How much do I need?

Finally, once you have chosen a style of wallpaper design that you are happy with, you need to make sure you order the right amount for the space it needs to fit in. Sometimes it can be a good idea to order slightly more than you need just in case you have an accident while putting it up or in case there are any fiddly bits that require you to cut into some of the sheets.

This way, if you have a bit of wallpaper left over, you could always take it with you when shopping for furniture so you can be certain that whatever you buy will fit in with the wallpaper you have chosen.

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